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I Don't like to be Touched

Reach out and touchThis Valentine’s Day I wanted to talk about touch.  I know it should be hearts and love, but it's kinda both. Touch, of course, is my mission.  Recently, someone told me they don't like to be touch.  Which I always find funny because without touch we die.  Imagine if you couldn't feel or touch?

Our skin is filled with thousands of sensory receptors measuring pressure, temperature, vibration, pain.  These receptors communicate what is going on to our brain for processing and reacting.  For example: hand near a flame - move your hand it’s hot! Or yell OUCH when the pressure from a hammer meets my thumb.

Touch is so important that babies will not thrive without touch. But what about adults? Especially adults that have lost the people that provided their touch. Fortunately, there are many ways to get the touch we need: stroking a pet, getting & receiving hugs,........ massage. All will reduce the stress hormone cortisol. And with massage,  studies show massage recipients had improved mental alertness and relaxation.  Even depression scores decreased. So, this Valentine’s Day weekend, reach out, shake someone’s hand, pat their back, give them a hug or get them a massage.


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